The Signature List Against Spam

Spam … The word on the rumor at all. About spam all web users say their polls, and the vast majority hated him. And for those who hear the word for the first time, here is the definition of spam, which gives him famous marketers. Spam – is sending emails to thousands and even millions of users who have never asked for will send you information and more – have never joined and do not want to get in touch with the sending information company.

I know that you personally have been repeatedly spamdeksingu. Each of us suffers from this negative phenomenon, unfortunately, very common on the web. Personally, I get about 50 daily letters, which I had no one asked, offering me to buy some goods and services. sion. This is taking into account the fact that most spam filter removes built my mail server. As a rule, though far away and not always unsolicited letters are disgusting written promotional material, full of utterly useless advertisements. Some of them are devoted to online services such as registration search engines, site promotion, increasing the number of subscribers.

Just what is interesting: if the companies that send such correspondence can be really easy to secure this traffic, which promise in their advertising, and can easily expand the subscriber base of several million people, why did they resort to spam? Unsolicited letters continue to arrive. Credit cards, car repair, flower sales, bank accounts, software, database … The list of proposals coming through spam, you can extend to infinity.


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