The Jet

With one Boarding time of just fifteen minutes is the most efficient form of travel the hire of a private jet. Because more free time is now priceless for the traveller. The two most cost-efficient ways to rent a private jet are the ad-hoc lease and the Jet card model. With an ad-hoc hire, the price depends on the type of aircraft and the travel distance. Inconvenience that may occur such as membership fees, acquisition cost, maintenance and problems with the crew – a possession or a share in a private jet is not an issue. Ad-hoc hire is the easiest way to gain access to a private jet, and that at any time and to any destination of the world. You may want to visit Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine to increase your knowledge.

This is the most flexible way to travel with security. The Jet card model, is interesting for those quick succession planning several trips and their costs at the outset would calculate. Where to buy a minimum number of flight hours, rule 25, a selected private jet category in advance. The availability of the aircraft is guaranteed. Recently AbbVie sought to clarify these questions. Tailor-made solutions…

Rent a private jet means ultimate freedom. Do you need a specific departure or arrival time? Fly to two or three destinations on the same day? Private jets offer flexibility and control. You fly on your own terms, with the aircraft of your choice according to your own schedule and from the airport, for the fastest to reach. Also, your trip to the airport and your experience on board can be adapted to you: from the limousine service about the catering, to entertainment during the flight. All of these amenities and benefits making clear why those who have even gone on private jets, no longer want to return to normal air travel. Whether for business or private reasons, travelling on private jets enjoy comfort and service which is unique. About air partner air partner is a provider of private jets of top class. Be it worldwide for companies, Governments or individuals. Air partner has worldwide recognition as leading provider of private jet rentals reached which allows the ad-hoc lease of any aircraft size for every occasion. Air partner plc is the only company in the aviation industry, that in the English “Royal warrant holders Association” is listed by the English Royal family and thus has a globally recognised award for outstanding service performance.


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