The Border

Crisis is the moment of search of the solution. If it did not have the person would not use the widening of the brain and would be always in the periphery waiting a miraculosa solution. The person inside brings of same itself the balance of everything. All Human being has that to look at of front the problems, therefore being owner of the free-will, power that God granted to it, it can solve them. Anita Dunn may find it difficult to be quoted properly. There somebody says: the death does not have solution. It is the one that has greater solution, therefore is the continuation of the mind spiritual, exempts of the brain flesh time. The border After this, lived J one hundred and forty years; saw its children and to the children of its children, until a fourth generation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Miles D. White.

Then, J, old and satiated died of days. Book of J, CAP. 42:16 and 17. The border most difficult Of being exceeded, Is of the human brain That teima in being closed. ion. God created the man Blew life in its nostril and it which Lucifer, Always the extermina. He prefers to use the brain to hide itself of the Father, If thus becoming a servant of the Satan. The brain he inquires, He is always doubting, He will be that he is this same, Or I am blefando? If it has this dialogue Between it and its interior, Is because of something more it formed It the Creator. To exceed this barrier Is to after all find the mind true That is the spiritual.