Digital publishing and environmental protection – the top 10 of our proposals for a cleaner environment were the benefits the field of digital publishing for nature and the environment, here already once a (still top news) topic. Environmental protection is dear to us and we want to continue to communicate this matter also to customers, prospective customers and the readers of this blog. Due to new year’s resolutions and the urgent desire of many people to change many things, beginning of a new calendar year we give you 10 good reasons, to do something for the environment this year. First and foremost this top 10 concern the working world, in which most of us daily move. Even simple things can move much. Let yourself be inspired! Move it movement! Usually the losing weight is a classic of new year’s resolutions. Think about whether you can connect not the pleasant with the useful. Is your place of work not far from where you live? Why not just ride the bike? Especially in city traffic, you are on this Way often faster than by car and you save on top a lot talent for organization: fund raising for the Christmas season are already in many companies a prettier and more useful standard.

Perhaps connect number 1 on this ‘Trend’ and tip but even during the year and organize for example the participation of your colleagues at a sporting event (for example, a Sprint). Also here, you hit several birds with one stone. Sport is good for the health of your company, take on something motivating part and can advertise on a T-Shirt. Little paper! Digital publications have many advantages. One of them is that they cause less “rubbish” as print publications. Just consider whether print products for certain topics really worth, especially if it’s internal affairs. The annual report to the staff is sure as interactive PDF files on your Smartphone of the colleagues better off than in a confusing pile of paper, formerly or later ends up in the trash.


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