Simon Bolivar

The number of Universities would be of barely 25 The proposal structurally modifies the typology of the system and technical, technological and university institutions would simply pass to be institutions of education superior, and the universities would continue being universities. That yes, is created a new mechanism of ” registry calificado” so that the universities stay in this category, with majors exigencies such as: a) To count on teaching bodies in basic sciences. b) To count on institutional accreditation. c) To count at least on academic programs in three areas of the knowledge. d) To at least develop investigation of demonstrable high level through groups of investigation recognized in the two categories superiors defined by Colciencias and in three areas of the knowledge. e) To have a program of doctorate properly authorized at least. That is to say, although the spirit of the accreditation stays, whose resolutions no longer will be of direct handling of the Minister of Education but of the CNA, in the text sees one pretends contradiction, because on the one hand its character stays volunteer, but by another one becomes obligatory for the universities that, like so, want to continue appearing. At the moment, of more than 80 Universities only 21 they hold the condition of credited institutionally.

That is to say, near 60 they would lose this condition. For example, the Catholic, the Free one, the Great Colombia, America, the Power station, San Buenaventura, Forest, Manuela and Simon Bolivar, among others. Question: In case of occurring this situation, how would happen to denominate themselves the ones that cannot stay like universities? , they would have to reduce matriculation costs? , the techniques, technological and present university institutions how modification in its denominations and degrees? 2) The roll of the investigation With respect to the investigation, the way could be understood like is presented/displayed in the proposal, that the investigation of high level is restricted for the Universities and, by the same, would be a great demotivation for the exercise that comes doing in that they are not universities? Although one fundamentally abre to the possibility so that the institutes and centers dedicated exclusively or to the investigation, can offer, previous agreement with Institutions of Education Superior and jointly with these, programs of posgrado.