Romantic Wild-life-look At Of Livings

The wilderness ruft-Leoprints and lion heads decorate towels, scarves and jewellery this spring. The online jeweler livings brings the diversity of Africa in the jewellery range accessories with the labels A & C, Miracolo and colour. The spring is wild! Do you long for Sun? Want to feel again footloose and fancy-free? For the perfect wild-life look just throw a glance in the jewellery range of online jeweler livings jungle designs where you look! Absolute must-have and trend in this Leoprints spring on towels! Allow to ensnare the best with the light cloths of the hippest labels colours accessories! The label combines different colors with cool Leopard print and cotton tassels! For example teal and grey or cream-coloured cotton with sewn stripes in mintgrundigem Leopard print. Perfect for spring! The fluffy material of the towels soft nestles around the neck and is extremely comfortable to wear. The Scandinavian label Arts & crafts begins with his collection Africa”a the unique magic of African landscapes and their exotic wildlife in jewelry. Mighty lion heads, whose Mahnen adorn countless, sparkling Swarovski crystals, glitter of chains and bracelets. Richly decorated Bronzebeads and exotic coconut tree elements bring the African culture a bit closer. So mysterious natural sounds and color games outside of Africa are alive.

If Sun and Earth to apply jewelry arises as of Miracolo. “The label in the Italian Switzerland has not given this name, Miracolo translates as: the miracle”. Delicate long earrings with chocolate brown and yellow beads complement the delicate, shield painted with mythological symbols. Dreams become reality with the dream catcher earrings you feel like under the endless starry sky in Africa. Romance meets wilderness – get accessories, and arts & crafts a piece of Africa with colours to go home. Into the wild! The fresh looks at of livings give a exotic touch!


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