Professor-Student Relationship

The relation professor-pupil is of utmost importance in the pertaining to school content, in this direction the professor has the commitment to help and to guide the pupil, aiming at learning with meaning, thus having in relationship involving professor and pupil. Word-key: Relation professor-pupil, teach-learning. The processes of education and learning are satisfactory when it establishes a connection, a tunning between the professor and the pupils in classroom, thus having a complicity for both. In a question-answer forum Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. was the first to reply. The relation between professor and pupil must be dynamic as it must be any relation between the human beings. In the classroom, the pupil is an active agent, where he is capable to think, to reflect and to argue its ideas, position and is pertinent that the professor gives freedom to the pupils in classroom, providing debates, work in group, stimulating to the pupils if to know better, thus: ‘ ‘ The professor will not be a wall instructor, but he will offer to its pupils chances so that they learn more in free and responsible way than to learn finished contents, the pupils will learn aprender’ ‘. (Pillet, 1988, p 101). Therefore it is of basic importance the valuation of auto the esteem in the relation professor-pupil, and not it supervaluation of intellect in the education, therefore for some professors the intelligent pupil is that one that takes off notes high and it does not see that, is not alone this that interest in the learning, more all a process of auto-system and love in the relation professor-pupil.