Preflight Preparation

We will not talk about the aircraft designers, testers, engineers, pilots, flight attendants – all of who their utmost to ensure your comfortable flight. Their pre-flight training takes place in other areas. a> would like to discuss. Here will be pre-flight training, for those who are just planning to fly somewhere. Consider the different situations you are flying for the first time! You need to buy a ticket and you go on the space network to search for it. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Mark J Berger offers on the topic.. Internet is replete with all kinds of links: "Flights", "Air Tickets", "Special Offers airline," and so on. Since you have reached this page, it is likely that a certain user, and may even have already made purchases over the Internet. But no – airline tickets.

Do not worry – in this case, all the same as when buying a player or refrigerator. There are many websites offering such services as ticket sales (site = online store connected to the global resources of all airlines) to your gaze presents a table of choice: city to which you must fly, calendar dates, flight schedules of various airlines. Choose different positions, make their data (usually a name, passport number and date of birth), leave the position and wishes in the form of payment – and press the "book ticket" – thus creating your own file which falls to the operator. The operator will contact you within a specified period (usually less than an hour during business hours) for final confirmation of order, and you only have to drive up for the ticket, or wait courier – depending on what you selected when ordering. Do not be afraid to ask the operator to your concerns – in fact you're flying for the first time – and want to know about the upcoming flight as much information as: the various airlines, on time of arrival at the airport, the type of aircraft, possible problems in the registration process, that you may be asked during the flight and so on. In the same way a traveler can not leave home to order and other services, such as the sale of railway tickets, hotel reservations.


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