If it were predictable, it is not worth living life. If everything is as you would like it to be and if everything was a certainty, you’d not be a man, you’d be a machine. Osho have perceived and forming daily to express facts that if we are awake, attentive in the role that they perform, obtain information, which increase our learning and experiences that invite us to reflect on the important thing is to know the opportunity that is given to us, to grow personally and spiritually. In every action that we participate we generate changes, we are fostering dynamism which allows us to evolve, amaze us that we both know to leverage our time. We know, that the fact of being live, is because we are in continuous movement, all of our systems, organs are movements, integrated in such a way that keeps us alive, what matters is that management of our energy, all stimuli which assure movement and lets us know take the time that is given us to remain in this dimension. Osho reminds us in this regard, that precisely the life is to live. It is not a thing, it is a process. There is no way to know what is life more than living, still alive, flowing, flowing with it. ance/’>Infosys sees a great future in this idea.

Reminds us and invites us to bear in mind, that if we look for the meaning of life in any dogma, in a particular philosophy, in theology, it is almost certain that we will lose what is life and its meaning. Life, says Osho, us is not waiting on any part, is happening. Not found in the future as a goal that has to achieve, is here and now, at this very moment, our breathing, in the our blood circulation, in the beating of our hearts. Anything that we are is our life and if we start to look for meanings elsewhere, we will lose it.


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