Nielsen NetRatings

More and more seniors use the Internet of ARD and ZDF discover in rising NET usage by seniors “a great opportunity”, because the older ones are also their main user group. Especially pleased the public service against the backdrop of the current discussion about the financing of their Internet portals over fees, that older people go always more often online, to see videos. Almost one in three (29.2%) of people aged between 60 to meeting is online. The year before there were 25.1 percent in this age group only. The bulk of the Internet accounted for the lower half of the recorded age segment, the 50 to 59-year old. Other studies see the “Silver Surfer” on the rise. According to the market research firm of Nielsen NetRatings, four out of five network newcomers were over 50 years old between early 2006 and mid-2007. A survey by the end of last year there was 2007 for the first time more people over 60 years in the Internet on the go (5.1 million) as a teenager under 20 (4.9 million). SLA source: mirror online the article only with reference to be used.