Nature Conservation

To save the island’s already long no longer, but how will it continue? There is hardly another island which is drawn from tourism such as the North Sea Island of Sylt in Germany. Here, the clocks tick differently somehow than in the rest of the Republic. In the high season, there are more cars than locals throughout the island and exactly this change is frightening. Every day come new tourists to the island. Most of them leave at least 70 new cars from Niebull with the train on the island, twice an hour. This, of course, some locals are, but nevertheless, these figures are appalling in my opinion.

And then there are still tourists who get with the normal public transport on the island, but also of the NOB (North-Baltic railway) trains are usually hopelessly overcrowded. Not to forget, but even the daily flight connections. Every day here at least three aircraft land Air Berlin and Lufthansa. And exactly for these tourists, there is still a car rental with over (!) 500 cars then all over the island. Here it comes but now even better, that offers free trials on the island of Zanzibar in collaboration with Mercedes Benz. Something like a car-free weekend has long been impossible on the island. Because it’s too late, the train has departed and that not only for ten minutes.

This has undergone change over the years and just this is not stopped. But is this even to the locals, the Islanders? Hardly. If I speak with the Islanders as formerly locals I hear slight melancholy of the “old” days. As more and more is made for the tourists while the locals on the track. The island is always priceless and also the cost of living are more expensive than on the mainland about 30 minutes away here at least by a quarter. But since even the next problem starts. The train costs though for locals “only” 43 euros while the tourist pays almost double, but also that is hardly portable for normal consumers in the long term. The last train to after Niebull half nine, the last back to the island to eleven. Those who then missed the had just bad luck and must endure until the next morning on the Mainland. But there is also the beautiful pages of the northernmost island of Germany. Hardly an island has so many nature reserves, which itself also is care such as Sylt, to name with the white cliffs and the Kampen bird bunk of a few. Just as the island is so strongly influenced by the tides like no other. Each year must tons of sand to be flushed so that the water will not threaten the houses. Every storm means new hazards a storm surge, the beach chairs must be submitted on the promenade close, so that they are not worn on the sea out. It’s just a life at the limit, the life on the island of Sylt. But that’s probably what makes the island so attractive. The island is submerged by tourists in the summer, in the winter you can see hardly a soul. We will see what does the future hold for the tourists and especially for the locals. Change no longer can we do this.


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