Natural Cosmetics

Last time, we are increasingly looking for the environment, about what products we buy, what air we breathe, what water we drink. Going into the store, we pay attention to the fact of what made a particular product, whether in the gmo and artificial additives. Joint Commission is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But, unfortunately, rarely think about the composition of the funds that we put on the hair, face and body, and that's the biggest part of our body! Caring for our bodies by means of the composition, which questionable, sooner or later may lead to unexpected consequences. It may be objected: 'Yes! But it helps to 'certainly helps, but soy products we are also saturated, but we know a lot about them, do not want to eat it, and his body should be thought of as a whole. In our time we can not say that the market is lacking in natural cosmetics. Every self-respecting manufacturer has a range of the proper range, and many specialize only in producing natural products. Also, depending on country of origin, natural cosmetics based on certain components.

If we talk about Russia, it is well known to us, herbs and flowers, and here in Israel, natural cosmetics made from Dead Sea salts. One of the foremost, for the production of natural resources are considered to be Hindus, true to the majority of our citizens, this country remains an unfamiliar and cosmetic advances are limited to such means as "Henna". Then what can boast these most distant inhabitants of India? You may someday heard of such knowledge as Ayurveda.