Monetary Matters with Travel

Cheap travel, cheap flights are important issues when traveling. To make it so let’s talk about an issue that we all wonder: When traveling abroad is more profitable “get money from ATM or do it in the window of a bank. Consultation with technical and friends who work in banks and the experience can be generalized that it is more profitable and advantageous to do so in the ATM. The reason is that the commission of Visa, Mastercard, etc is less than that of banks. It should be a caution is that instead of reaching for example 4 times 50 euros, is more profitable after taking 200 euros and that’s because every time you take out a $ 50 minimum fee will apply in this case will be almost the same that if you take 200 euros.

The minimum commission is the same if you take 50 or 200 e. That in the euro countries. For countries outside the euro the same rule applies and also with the added problem that we can add the currency commission, charged by banks with which the difference is larger. Besides getting money from ATMs has more advantages such as not supporting queues, be available 24 hours. Another point is that you must avoid at all sites or companies to change and change in these sites is still worse than in the bank or the cashier. Of having to change money out of ATMs is more profitable to change the money in the neighboring country which is going to visit because the money is cheaper in the country next door in the country.For example if you go to USA is more profitable to buy the dollars in Spain to do it in USA. Finally there are countries that prohibit its own money out of their country a fact often ignored. It is forbidden to take money out of Morocco and Mauritania.