Middle Ages

Allow you to play styles from baroque to constructivism and to experiment with sizes. Choosing the right form box sets aesthetic tone for the room design affects people's health and even encourages certain traits in a person's character. Modern designers are free to use the stylistic variety and possibilities of plastic windows. Decorate your life is never too late! Arched windows So, what you choose to form? Want an arch? Some researchers have attributed to the Babylonian arch architect of the invention, which became the ancestor of all architectural art of ancient Rome and medieval Europe. Archaeological finds – canals and bridges, found in Mesopotamia, show that the arches were widely used in Babylonia. Monuments in Nippur, the ancient center Sumerian tribal alliance, kept arched constructions related to the third millennium bc. er. A vaulted ceilings in the royal tombs of Ur for another four or five centuries older! Arch – an ancient invention.

In different historical periods arch acquired a specific form and shape. For example, a sharp pointed arches belong to the Gothic style of the early Middle Ages. Semi-circular arched window shape – a characteristic feature of Kievan Rus IV-VII centuries. u-s-departmen/’>Carlos Hank Gonzalez. Scalloped, and horseshoe arches – a popular means of decoration of facades and facilities for the states of North Africa and southern Iberian Peninsula in the XI-XV centuries. Today they are called "Moorish" arches. Modern arched design – a great field for creative architects of pvc windows. Due to their shape they are missing a lot of light.