Before travelling, exactly that you already have made a good course of English you are necessary to take the good and old English Portuguese dictionary/, it he is the rescuer for that one palavrinha that you forgot. Moreover, to know as they are the customs and the culture of where if it is also going is basic, for example, if you will be to travel for England you are custom to take flowers or wine when the person receives invitation supper in the house from somebody. In the hour to leave the hotel, she is that the problem can be ugly, by chance you knows to ask for a table in the restaurant? Or to say that its necessary meat well to be passed? To help in these situations we mount a small guide of the salvation its English to leave without error: It has a table for ? /Have you got table will be? I want to reserve a table/I want you reserves table the account, please/The check, please I am vegetarian/I' m vegetarion Coffee of the morning/breakfest Lunch/lunch Supper/to dinner Entered/to starter Well last/well done To the point/medium Malpassado/rare Coffee /coffe Cup/glass As to ask for to the cardpio/' ' Could you bring the menu please? ' ' As to ask for some recommendation to eat and to drink/' ' Would you recommend something you eat and you drink please? ' ' Directions for the bathroom/' ' Could you please tell me where the toilets ploughs? ' ' If you will not be if feeling very well/' ' I am not feeling very well.' ' In case that it wants directions for the hospital next/' ' Could you please tell me where the nearest hospital is? ' ' In case that he needs that some light friend you/' ' Can you please take me you the hospital? ' ' In case that &#039 needs medical lapsing/; ' Can you please give adds me medication? ' ' With these tips certainly you obtain to leave with tranquillity for the streets and to use to advantage its trip!. .