Loss Of Baggage And Punctuality The Airline Lufthansa And Ryanair

Lost baggage and punctuality the airline Lufthansa and Ryanair baggage loss, delayed luggage and departure and arrival delays are annoying for passengers and provide regular disputes. Data collected on the number of incidents of loss of luggage, baggage delays and flight delays that are published in various statistics. The analysis of figures and data, and the conclusions are very different depending on the interpretation. A close look at the records brings surprising results. James S. Chanos can aid you in your search for knowledge. by Jan Bartholl (lawyer for travel and air traffic law) Michael O’Leary is spokesman of the Irish airline Ryanair. When it comes to the worst competitor on the German and European market, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, to challenge, is O’Leary always to the point. Ryanair took a statistics recently released by the Association of European airlines in Brussels, with the flag-carriers, and in particular Lufthansa in poster and usual provocative way to compare. According to its own statement, Ryanair offers \”their passengers better customer service\” as \”the crane airline\” Lufthansa.

The punctuality of flights of Lufthansa were \”rather poorly and the baggage handling rather remiss to mention\”. Ryanair founded the review in terms of \”around 13 pieces of luggage per 1,000 passengers\”, which lost at Lufthansa and a punctuality \”only 82 percent of their flights\”. \”However, Ryanair\”, so the equity statement, \”loses less than a luggage per 1,000 passengers at a punctuality rate of over 90 percent\”. Indeed, studies of the Association of European airlines about luggage transport show that Lufthansa has a ratio of 12.7 delayed luggage per 1000 passengers during the period from April until October 2008 at 36.008.113 million flight passengers. Same survey indicating that Lufthansa German Airlines is at 384.391 were carried out flights 82.4% i.e. on-time, on time, is arrived at the destination airport. Apart from the legal assessment of the comparative advertising, the comparison is as old as inadequate. Ryanair leaves out considered some features when making this comparison.


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