Hotel Panorama

A show from so high above to look onto the Lake Balaton. We did not need to have fear because we had the world’s best pilots in addition to us. Attila was his name and he is the head of the hot air balloon company at the same time” ( said after a one-hour flight or better sliding Attila bedcover Earth next to the highway the giant balloon safely on a tiny spot. As a reward for our brave behavior, there was a certificate and a glass of sparkling wine. Then went to the balloon winding but ran, because that is also one of a balloon flight.

Further,’s went Gyenyesdias, which was about 2.1 kilometers away of Vonyarcvashegy. Here, we explored the environment via Geocoaching and came in a former limestone sandstone mine, where we witnessed natural elemental forces. We saw tremendous leaching by rain and snow in the area. Another stop was the observation tower at the highest point of the Keszthely Mountains at an altitude of 444 meters. To us after such a strenuous”hike some polishing to leave, we went to the sound Studio by Kohalmi agnes (, who immediately offered us an extensive sound massage. The sound speaks the original confidence of the people, achieving a rapid deep relaxation. The Vibrations of the bowls are healing on all levels. Then we visited weekly market with many organic products, which were produced by the vendors themselves, until it went then to the 4.6 km away Balatongyorok still the Gyensdias.

We were told we must visit the hotel in Balatongyorok panorama. It would be an old miner hotel, where earned buddy were allowed to spend their holidays in the Socialist period. The hotel has been carefully renovated and so came out of a blend of retro and modern comfort. During our visit we met by chance a Munich couple, that absolutely thrilled, was about the comfort and the culinary delights of the 3 * House. The wellness area with views of Lake Balaton is especially beautiful. In the Hotel Panorama ( we took our lunch and had to find, that Munich couple is really quite had as regards the culinary delights at the hotel. Just fine! After a lush but still slightly cooked meal, we decided to a game of golf. In the Golf Club Imperial ( we found the right place to give us something to move. Now, with the move it was not so right because golf is a breathtakingly beautiful place so that you can no longer let the prospect of the Balaton. Is not as dangerous as for the Rhine boatmen Yes almost like on the Rhine at the Lorelei just for us. Golfing enthusiasts will be but sure place play the 9 cars already to improve your handicap or just for the joy of the game. Conclusion: The West-Balaton tourism region is a good choice. Not only because of the reasonable prices and the still more favourable euro-forint exchange rate but due to the versatility of what this region offers a holiday. Last but not least not forget also the Mediterranean climate, which guarantees one a holiday treat as in southern hemispheres. We recommend best West-Balaton with a clear conscience also for families with children. Also the many, very clean and spacious outdoor swimming pools of the region contributed to this recommendation.


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