Germany sets Strausberg in the virtual power plant on the synthetic diesel of brand CEHATROL, January 11, 2010 in cooperation with the local service network will be the Enenergiegenossenschaft Freudenberg involved in EC I.g. in the construction of the largest power plant in Germany. Target is a decentralised power supply from many block heat and power plants (CHP), to include a power plant together. A permanent online – monitoring by a parent control technology provides for the intelligent control of power generation. The special fuel ensures reliable operation and low maintenance costs for CHP of CEHATROL brand. The synthetic diesel produced from biomass is particularly suitable for the operation of cogeneration plants BBs and guarantees maximum efficiency.

Electricity produced from renewable raw materials and from regenerative sources is the future, so the Board reported the energy cooperative Freudenberg Frank Knauer. “But not always the sun shines, the wind is blowing. For a secure supply of electricity, we need to create an intelligent energy mix. Electricity, which is then produced, if the wind turbines stand still, or when the Sun is not shining. Clean power, the reliable and produces on-demand is. Power, which accelerated the phase-out of nuclear and coal and brings the independence of oil and gas”, to, Knauer. The energy cooperative Freudenberg produces high-quality diesel fuel from biogenic raw materials and residues. The diesel which is sold under the brand name CEHATROL, produced according to DIN EN 590 and can be used in all diesel engines and intended. For more information see. Helmut Uhlig


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