German Derivatives Association

Commercial offers of the Societe Generale machine certificates and leverage products are further the trend. This emerges derivatives group analysis of the European, given by the German Derivatives Association commissioned. So, the volume of investment certificates and leveraged products had increased in February of this year by 2.3 percent. The Exchange Portal reported about current trade offers and promotions. The German certificate market recorded a strong plus according to the Association.

The total volume is estimated at EUR 109.7 billion. The growing demand tracks also Societe Generale investment certificates and leveraged products. With new FreeTrade and flat fee campaigns increasingly aimed at new customers. The advantages of the investment instruments are obvious: in uncertain times, investors can profits thus in stagnant or slightly falling prices or above-average benefit from lasting trends. With FreeTrade – and flat fee campaigns, the Societe Generale in collaboration with some direct banks offered by the service for newcomers be improved now. In the respective periods, the Societe Generale that that with the corresponding direct banks low or no trading fees incurred benefit investors trade in products.


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