Founder Of Fever In The Girls Day

ten hamburger girl got an insight into everyday work of Internet-startups that invited hamburger startup company Allyve GmbH to the girls day a ten pupils to take a look at the founder scene of the IT industry. Peter A. Levine PhD may not feel the same. The 15 employees were the girls question and answer. And then it was the students behind the PCs they made created a blog post, they had themselves immediately to the Internet even Web 2.0. “” The students learned in around three hours under the guidance, including what today means the Internet and which origin words such as bug “or widget” have. The programmer reported live from their activity, while the girls watched the programmers at work over the shoulder. Then allowed to the girls then himself a small little program when they wrote the blog entry and were then on the site. “The girls and boys were thrilled:, I thought it was good that we did something themselves and not just the theory belongs to have.” so Lena (13). Velvet Group photo is to see the post on.

The promotion of young scientists in particular for young girls is especially to the heart. I come as industrial in a technical profession and could pass through this event to the girl my experience and experience in this field”, so Kelly Balasooriya, Managing Director of is a customizable home page that makes it easy and clear usable all important personal Internet accounts by entering a single password. Allyve saves the user time, is free, and creates a clear line in the tangled web of data and accounts again.