Federal Network Agency

Higher speed thanks to LTE smartphones are indispensable for many people today. You replace the PC in certain situations, and provide access to Internet services at any time and at any place. Soon, faster surfing should be possible in many areas thanks to the new LTE cellular standards. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de informed about developments. Most Germans today have access to the Internet and use it privately, commercially or for both areas. A DSL test demonstrates however that in many regions still no high speed Internet available, because the infrastructure is not up to date. The new standard LTE to remedy and ensure high transmission speeds especially in mobile Internet usage.

This technique is, disadvantages are that there might be errors when other devices such as microphones or television in the same frequency range. There is no comprehensive information for consumers so far however. The right person would be in such cases the Federal Network Agency, which would then inform the competent authorities.