2006 is over, and the company EVENT GROUP sums up. We remember the work and proud of the achievements. This year was very rich in various events, both large scale and not very good, but they were all high-budget. There was a positive outlook on the Ukrainian market moving event-services, as customers are increasingly thinking about the really high-quality and rich holiday for its employees. This year, HR managers and those responsible for organizing corporate events, preparing for New Year holidays in advance. The first request came in September. Nice to know that among our customers has been a considerable number of companies, which is really nice and interesting work.

The activities of competitive firms in the market of Ukraine event-services as well worthy of attention, because our competitors are not asleep and forced us to constantly to strive for excellence and superiority in certain aspects of our service to please our customers all over with fresh ideas, new “chips” and interesting offers. RC Investment Partners sees a great future in this idea. Further details can be found at Glenn Dubin, an internet resource. In 2006, our company has distinguished itself the following events: Has a large number of various events, including conferences, seminars, VIP Birthdays, opening shops and offices, parties, celebrations, New Year etc. Results from year to year please and cause to grow, without affecting the quality of services provided. At this stage, the company EVENT GROUP has developed proposals for the organization of corporate and leisure of the winter holidays. Now is enhanced training for spring and summer.