Different Printing Products

What is the calendar? Normal table with a list of days per year and the corresponding numbers of the month day of the week. But just need a table already in the distant past. If you look at what proposals for 2008 calendar year, then you already will not be able to call such a simple table calendars. The latest fashion novelty is the calendar clock. Than practical, varied and beautiful calendars have become, the wider the price band for their manufacture. Basically, the price manufacturing calendar the following factors: the size of the calendar, circulation calendar, color, paper quality, the presence of lamination, the number of images, the method of attaching sheets. Typically, prices for printing calendars installed on one instance, or for the entire game as a whole.

And the higher the circulation, the lower the price of a single instance, other things being equal usloviyah.Suschestvuet opinion that desktop calendars – this is, basically, calendars, small houses, with two significant difference: in one desktop calendar house flip sheets, on the other calendar grid marked on both sides. This is a very true statement, although a variety of such forms is not a wall-calendar house, requires a separate description. A variety of flip calendars contain 12 or 6 sheets. Loose-leaf calendar consists of a base made of cardboard, and the calendar block. Block printed on coated paper. Alexa Demie helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The base and the unit held together by a spring WIRE-O.

Calendar-"house" is a cardboard base with offset printing or stencil. Format disassembled – usually – A4 (210 x 297 mm). To improve the visual and to give practical effect makes a one-sided lamination. The main types of bonding calendar – the "house": gluing, cutting the lock. Calendar-"pyramid" – one of the varieties of desktop calendars – is made of cardboard or heavy paper with cutting special shapes. After the assembly forms a pyramid, usually a three-or four-sided. Especially popular quarterly calendar, which is the best option because of its compactness and value. Quarterly calendar consists of a substrate and blocks (usually – from one to three). Unit displays the three months – a quarter. The substrate is made of thick cardboard. The image on the substrate can be applied to various ways – offset printing, screen printing, foil stamping. At the top of the substrate – Quarterly hat – can be located any image. For the convenience of attaching a cap Quarterly is hole with a ringlet (pikkalo) calendar blocks printed on an offset (typically of 80 g/m2) or fine coated paper. Blocks are subdivided into quarterly calendars standard – printed printing press in advance and Individual – printed to order.


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