Deposit: The Safe Harbor In Times Of Crisis

The financial crisis currently ensures turbulence. There is no end in so far in sight. While shares on the basis of the losses, which at the moment has the DAX, are increasingly shunned, just small investors are wondering how they still can put their money, without taking a high risk. The answer: Fixed-term deposits. The financial crisis raises interest rates for fixed deposit currently enormously: money is always scarce and banks are willing to pay more for fixed installations.

Now the banks are indulging in the current market conditions this, savings banks and cooperative banks, which secured are traditionally considered very good, get less in the battle for customers. The deposits of the banks are well protected: both the deposit protection fund of the Federal Association of German banks, many institutions are connected was also the backup system, which decided recently by the Federal Government, offers all the security he needed investors. Especially the public assurance system as a political measure confidence, so that is 5 percent plus X conscience of the now higher-yielding here is the motto can benefit. The relatively short terms provide for a certain degree of flexibility: the money is an improvement of the current financial market instrument in sight, will be again pursuing a different investment strategy available. Fixed-term deposits can be combined well with other values: for example with quality stocks that are sustainable and safe Government bonds. In this way you must not worry even in times of crisis to his fortune.


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