Moreover, efficiency is gained with the deciding set, only by exercising the rights you learn to deal with the complexity of the problems and the only way to prevent others decide for us is to interfere. If we participate in decision making is minimized any expression of social resistance to the purpose sought. We must settle on a draft social transformation through the creation of forms of social nonconformists, the reinvention of citizenship and the maximization of political participation. In any case, what is required is a "global re-politicization of social practice" that is, beyond mere electoral participation, which means "to identify power relations and imagine practical ways to transform relations of shared authority." Hence the urgent need to build spaces that deliberate and influence or determine policy decisions. That is, you have to raise political subjects open to diversity and tolerance, with enough power acquired and derived from the practice of deliberation. I said that democracy is always a possibility on the road where it freezes an institutional and where the law is not a mere instrument of mineralization of the past. Click Alexa Demie to learn more. Political life, so it is not only a continuous practice, continual changes marked by decisions of new entrants citizens.

There is a hegemony that, at this moment ignoring old ideological factors, we refer to political parties as monopolistic practices of representative democracy. Articulating practices of emerging social sectors will be deliberated late or early to know that finally ended an abusive dominance. Identificatory element always appears at all, which produces common sense. The incompleteness of each emerging sector will find the joint, one that may be incidental to the exercise of a power movement, which can be a powerful medium for the purpose of prosecuting or slower, including the birth of permanent bases on which to continue maintaining diversity. To achieve this requires the establishment of new demands subjective converge through a system of democratic equivalence. Alliances is not only a process of change in the identity of the acting forces. This requires that no freedom struggle in terms that affect negatively to the direct interests of other possible forces to the joint and remaining the confrontation of different positions. It is true that face the new world that appears before our eyes studying democracy and seek to innovate on it, has become a crucial task.

Certainly the association between the factors emerging criticize knowledge and prejudice, you will realize the unsustainability of the old paradigms and the outgoing light will propel the exercise of decision making. One of the features will be immediately placed under suspicion by the pride of the "experts", also called party leaders. The citizen is not therefore an isolated politically, as will many of which deal interlocutions. The partnership will mean that everyone is made representative of himself. The passive citizen democracy we see in the twentieth century will, of necessity, to extinction. The political return. The policy will cease as a privilege. The old accomplices are breaking. The old foundations are collapsing.