Cyber-knife – A Tool Of Modern Radiotherapy

Cyber knife is one of the promising technologies of radiation therapy, which in future will probably play a dominant role in the treatment of cancer. Cyber-knife – a tool of modern radiotherapy solutions that provide training and radiotherapy. The widespread introduction of such methods for diagnosis of the extent of pathological process, as helical ct, mri, improved versions of ultrasound and pet, can more accurately define the boundaries of tumors (benign or malignant). Using a new generation of linear accelerators for X-ray and ionizing radiation and equipment, allowing to form the beam of radiation – collimators, as well as computer navigation systems – has created a fundamentally new types of remote radiation therapy: imrt (Intensity modulated radiotherapy) and igrt (image visualization or driven radiation therapy), as well as radiosurgery. Radiosurgery, or more precisely, stereotactic radiosurgery – a very accurate exposures foci lesion, a single summing up to the relatively small size of the tumor from hundreds of beams (high dose) of ionizing radiation, collected into a single powerful beam, which, after stereotaxy (its direction of advance calculated coordinates for the SX-dimensional coordinate system), focuses precisely on the tumor. Such effects of the radiation beam can be compared to the impact of a scalpel, the tumor is removed. It is because the method was called radiosurgery. The corresponding names are and apparatus by which such manipulations are carried out. Continue to learn more with: City College of New York. For example, the "Gamma Knife (GammKnife), which is considered the "gold standard" in treatment of head and neck tumors, and from which, in fact, began the history of this area.