Cosmetology School

How to apply cream five golden rules for applying the cream Many women are faced with the ineffectiveness of day and night creams, and few people understand that this is due to misuse product. It is not enough simply to put the cream – it still needs to take place in deeper layers of skin. Often takes a lot of cream, which is the excess skin can not absorb, and it remains on the surface of the skin. Because of this, on the face may appear red spots, rash and desquamation. We'll tell you how to properly apply the cream to the face before you put the cream on the skin, cosmetologists recommend a little tool to grind at their fingertips, warming it to body temperature. This method will accelerate the absorption of cream skin cells. Apply the cream after cleansing the face, soft and smooth circular movements massage lines, while making no special effort. Massage should be sent to stimulate the nerve endings and increase blood circulation at the same time, without stretching the skin, causing the formation of new wrinkles.

Day Cream should be used before going to street, while not forgetting to select funds with a protective factor against solar radiation, and night – for six hours before bedtime, and then remove the remains of a napkin. All the nutrients needed from active skin nourishing cream absorbed within one hour after application, followed by a process of assimilation of skin cells. So an hour later the remains of the cream can be removed with a dry cloth.


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