KontragentyKontragent – for many people not understand a word. Counterparties are to one another buyer's agent and seller's agent. Many writers such as The Florey Institute offer more in-depth analysis. Each agent defends the interests of his client, in dialogue with his counterpart. The purpose of both – to find optimal scheme of transfer of ownership with minimal evenly distributed between the parties risk. Here it is appropriate analogy with the ancient traditions of jurisprudence.

Can appear in court without an attorney, all will be decided according to the law, though not the best way for you. But here is the combination of water a person on both sides – prosecutor and defense counsel – if not impossible to imagine the horror and bred.V real estate – the same thing. These patterns are not visible rights, encounter problems with rented apartments for the first time in my life. Over time, with the development of the market, start looking for a strong agent before you do anything, will just as naturally as they are now urgently in all possible channels are looking for a good lawyer, if God forbid that. In real estate transactions menshe.Esli rate is not much to talk about the primary market, which sells apartments in buildings under construction, is already In 1997, 1999, he purchased civilized. But it works and construction firms who need and can buy apartments, and those who are trying to build several homes, not having sufficient funds, constantly creating a pyramid, throwing builders from the construction site for construction and patching generated cash loopholes.