Civil Society

Until now, the social and economic organizations of the Valencian Community had left the conduction of the public thing into the hands of the politicians while they dedicated themselves to their tasks: in the case of the industralists, to make money, that stops that have been years of bonanza in which these organizations successively made the rendib to Eduardo Zaplana and Francisco Camps without a single spying of critic. Now that the things come badly given, they have awaked of his calm lethargy and they elevate his voice to think, to criticize and to orient envelope which must make the Administration Public. Welcome is, then, that civil society without whose participation a democracy does not exist outpost. By the same author: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. And what they say now those organizations are dramatic. The president did the past Monday of the BIRD, Francisco Pons, in an insensitive review to the deficiencies of the Catalan Autonomous Government, demanding to trim costs, to stop his increasing indebtedness, to privatize beings deficit public and until professionalizing the positions of the Consell. On the following day he touched the turn to him to Leopoldo Pons, president of the Valencian economists, who presented/displayed the results of a survey in which their associated ones suspend to the Valencian economy with 3.32 on 10 and carry out forecasts " not very alentadoras" , to say it finely. In that as soon as they differ from the barometer of the Grouse Foundation, in which the Spanish industralists score with 2.8 the economic situation of the country whereas the 79 percent of them affirms that its company has undergone " much or bastante" the economic crisis. The image that is offered cannot be more discouraging. But we return to the Valencian Community, where the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Castelln, Salvador Mart, finishes affirming that " not always a management has been made responsible for the public coffers because it did not think that they would arrive vacas".