Campania National Park

Group excursions in Campania National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site Regensburg, 09 March 2012 is the allure of the Cilento, to be at the same time very close to sea and mountains. The Green Hills begin directly behind the beach. Located in the South of Campania and away from mass tourism, the National Park offers 100 km of coast share. Especially between the promontory of Palinuro and the Gulf of Policastro, nature shows from its most beautiful side – a varied territory considered to be discovered. Commitment for man and nature Siamo una regione ricca we are a rich region. We have the sea, the mountains, a unique landscape and fertile soil”.

Sitting at the kitchen table Salvatore Calicchio, which thrills his home describes the Cilento National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site. Stand on the table salad, spicy feta cheese and a bowl of oranges, lemons and grapefruit all homemade and freshly harvested. Salvatore is local – and with all my heart. The retired teacher lives for the sustainable development of the region, both for its inhabitants but also for their nature. You must have a passion and follow it with enthusiasm and many ideas”, he declared during a hike to the wonderful Bay of Infreschi. This passion is he with his Associazione Posidonia with much commitment ensures the maintenance and signs of the hiking trails in the region around Marina di Camerota for more than ten years And this passion is, which makes hiking with Salvatore to the experience and feeling, he explains with wide eyes and expressive face of flora and fauna, but also customs, tradition and history of the region.

He knows how a small detail to every plant, every stone. Drawings in the ground and expansive gestures illustrate his explanations. And so the message of what is said even those participants who are not proficient of the Italian, is never hidden. Should you ever understanding difficulties, Irma is available.


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