A New Process

Kurt Lewin structured a process in the attempt to take effective and lasting change. Basically, the idea is to unfreeze old values, change, and refreezing the new values. 1. Thaw obvious turn implies the need to change about the individual, group or organization can easily see it and accept it. 2. To read more click here: Nancy-Ann_DeParle. The change involves a change agent training, which will go to lead individuals, groups or the entire organization during the process. Decorrer In this process, the change agent will go to feed the new values, skills and behaviors through identification and internalization processes.

The members of the organization will identify with the values, skills and behaviors of the agent of change, internalizing so collects its effectiveness in performance. 3. Refreezing means transforming a general rule a new pattern of behavior, using mechanisms that support or reinforcement, so it becomes a new standard. It is certainly true when it is said, to undertake a change management process is not as easy as one might think at first because of the large number of items involved, besides that this should be completely confident that the organization to absorb change and, particularly, that their human resources to understand its importance and actually engage in performance, bearing in mind that it is an ongoing process that must be treated as such and not as something temporary. The companies, thanks to its effective operation and know how to interpret the changes that constantly occur in the scenarios in which they operate, can properly handle everything that involves organizational change.