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According to this slogan, TiSUN now realized his Christmas promise and gave a free solar system finished installed the children of orphan home Mordecai in Port Elizabeth (South Africa). The project, to improve the health conditions of the orphans who lost their parents due to AIDS, could be implemented now. Since the beginning of September, is the plant and provides hot water for the two showers and bathtub. Currently live 20 children and 6 supervisors involved as teachers and teachers for the children in the orphanage. Four TiSUN module flat collectors with 10.2 m2 were mounted on the roof of the orphan’s home area in northern direction. The installed solar system was equipped with the solar station SSRH, which is monitored and maintained with the help of the SD memory card data of Austria from. Learn more at: abbott laboratories. This ensures that the head of orphan home need no technical knowledge to use the system.

Full-service solar of Tyrol for South Africa was implemented with this system. The fresh water tank with 800 litres volume allows the use of hot water for all children. Robin M. Welling, TiSUN asked personally all staff involved Managing Director for sales, logistics and customer service, 100% support of the social project and the progress monitored. The facility was transported to South Africa late June by boat approximately 15,000 kilometers. The coordination and project management on site took over the company Nova energy”from Pretoria, distributor of TiSUN in South Africa. The excitement in the orphanage, particularly among children, was great. To secure the system against theft to a very serious problem in South Africa – was the classroom of children removed and stored the goods there.

The kindergarten and the school in the garden took place during this time. As the first newspaper article about the installation of the solar system for the orphanage in a great local weekend newspaper appeared, the interest in the environment was awakened. Of course, neither the children nor the adults were of the Orphan home just realize and understand what’s happening here. “” The children stared at disbelief, especially the large black 800 litre storage”portrays Vincent Walbaum, Managing Director of”Nova energy”, the curiosity surrounding the installation of the system. All involved are Geert Jabbar overjoyed, especially the caring pastor and the head of home beauty, who has thanked several times in tears when Bernd Walbaum and TiSUN and constantly in their prayers has involved us, happened a miracle for her”retold Walbaum. Nina Karner