The student must understand the meaning and purpose of what you do, when it does. 2-The use of reason to solve problems. Mark Hyman, MD gathered all the information. The second ideal of democracy is the use of reason. Democracy on-trend faith in the intelligence to solve problems and faith in the powers of reason-ing of man to avoid excesses and defects. To enrich the spirit, by the observation of reality and the referred-placion from ideal, we add, the cultivation of reason. It is not only the development of logical mind, but the acquisition of the power of knowledge emerged from empiricism and transform images into ideas, the facts of symbols and experiences in law.

In this was the wisdom of the Greek people, to have created raicionales methods and order of general ideas, and this spiritual escape out of empiirismo has enabled mankind to rise to universal civilization enciima of all forms and cultures. For this reason should walk every young student, every person seeking to form, by the way of the Greeks, ie from simple coinocimiento raise the specific event to the rational intelligence. Democracy promotes the development of truth and I considered so important that the opinion of the minority is protected as a possible source of truth, instead of trying to minorities as a scapegoat, as occurred in the last war with the Jews. There is an element that supports the reasoning in the moral sense of a soiciedad and the existence of a rational moral code, a set of values and a Senorita of spiritual values that societies generally have accepted as the existence of God, that allow recognition of a knowledge-vo subjective.