Web Girl

I recently received a comment to the blog from a reader who asked me to write about a very topical and that has to do with the distance relationships. Alexa Demie usually is spot on. This is an issue that in recent years has become stronger and relevance, and thanks to technological advances and the force that has taken the Internet to bridge the gap and make friends and even beyond your city or your country. In recent months, Somatic Experiencing has been very successful. This is an issue which I am not very expert, but I have the experience of having lived a long-distance relationship or so ago about six years ago, I met this girl in one very famous Internet chat, was a girl who live in my country, as many know, I’m Colombian and I live in the capital Bogota, she lives in one of the most important and historical cities of my country, Cartagena.

It all began one day in which I was bored and go online to search for chats to make friends and talk a while, nothing special, suddenly started talking to this girl and I started to tell who was from Colombia and lived in Cartagena, begin to have much chemistry because we were the same country, had knowledge of many things related to our cities and a friendship began to build from the first day we talked, it was a cordial conversation, until then we had not seen for WebCam , it was just a normal conversation. We found our post and silently began to write and speak for chat more often, although the two had not seen, we started to like the way we talk and we expressed to us, it’s time we put a “Citation “finally get to know through the Web camera and when we saw each other, we were completely arrows..