Vladimir Golubev

Now the two-storey houses, which host several families, it is planned to press, but right at construction sites to venture. Despite the protests, the first attempt was made in April 2010. Arguments authorities presented during the public hearing, the district's residents have not arranged: the shortage of places in kindergartens is not a reason to cut down orchards. Homes, separated by a distance of 47 meters are not suitable for construction of such institutions, considered by local residents. Citizens are confident that the development of the central historic part of town is a project created for the sake of commercial developers without considering the opinion and interests residents.

In addition, in its implementation recorded violations. Consolidated position of the inhabitants of the city seen from the subject of public hearings on the draft plan of the central part Vidnoe 'The complex houses a variable storeys' citizens outlined in a letter to the head of Leninsky district administration, Vladimir Golubev. Answer, apparently, did not wait The decision by the developer of the project of planning the territory specified builder llc Belkomsat ', but Under federal law a 'Belkomsat' no right to develop the project and the development of the territory, say in a specially created to protect the rights and interests of citizens Territorial Public Self-government 'Old Town' / cbt. The auction was not conducted, but instead between the developer and the district administration had concluded a lease agreement. In addition, grant a lease within the boundaries of which are located land foreign land, is also prohibited.