The Types Of Insurance In Tourism

Leaving for abroad travel through the travel agency, the citizens of Russia always pay any sum (1 American dollar for each day of the stay of the Russian citizen abroad) by the insurance policy. However we meditate never in it during our trip. We will remember of the only in case if you will have something incident place or unexpected occasion during our trip. While abroad, the person should have in what has this in another country, there is valid laws, another world. In case of sudden illness, for example the fracture of the leg, dental pain, etc. nobody is going to take responsibility for the health of overseas and also provide free services. We must also take into account that healthcare costs enough expensive everywhere. And in human consciousness exists the opinion the tourist has enough money!.

Also as a result of that every tourist has to spend lots of money for the assistance medical.Above all we should focus special attention to such insurance if Uds goes to the Paice without visa. Perhaps, in Russia today there nor a tourist agency that does not include the insurance policy in the full documents. But not every knows that in the majority of cases, wishing to attract the customer offering cheap services, firms sell reduced the insurance programs. They offer ready minimum of necessary services in case of disease or trauma, among them are: pay the costs for treatment, medical transportation service, repatriation in case of death. Programs usually differ one from another by the presence or urgent estamotologica help the absence of the point of lending. Actually the insurance possibilities are much wider. In addition to the game estandartizado minimum of services the policy provides for the organisation of the visit of relatives in case of extraordinary situation, the anticipated return of tourists and their children to the Russia.