The Nature Protection Act Of 1.Republik

State law the nature protection law of 1924 regulated protection of natural monuments, protection of the landscape and the protection of the animal and plant kingdoms in the Federal State of lower Austria concerning measures for the protection of nature of 1924 in detail. Already specific individual laws were preceded by this conservation law with the State law on the protection of alpine flowers of the year 1905 or the State law on the protection of birds dating back to 1908. In addition, there were more conservation laws in lower Austria, which are now published in the series of LawLeaks. Those natural formations could be explained to protection of natural monuments to nature monuments which were erhaltungswurdig because of their nature or their rarity, due to their scientific or cultural value, or because of the special characteristics that it has awarded the landscape. Natural lakes and rivers, waterfalls, caves, rock formations, bird nests as well as outstanding trees and tree groups subject to this Declaration as natural monuments.

In addition, you could Locations of particularly rare plants and animals as natural monuments, protected areas are declared. The Declaration of the natural monument was adopted by the district authority. She could be made after consultation with the country office for nature protection of the Federal Office, or at the request of the country office for nature conservation of the Federal Office after hearing of the owner and the municipality, in which this natural monument is situated, at the request of the owner. Protection of the landscape building, water and woodland management procedures was to ensure the integrity of the landscape and the adaptation of any buildings on the natural environment. The State Institute for nature protection was to load all these procedures with equal rights. Should a forest base of distant timber utilization is constantly removed by a grubbing-up, so approval was allowed, be granted except in creating of pasture land with forest trees, only after consultation with the country office for nature conservation.