Stimulate Intelligence

One of the most ingenious and fun games to stimulate the child and enjoy with family and friends are the riddles. Apart from the fun and entertaining is, riddles help children learn to associate ideas and words, increase their vocabulary, etc. The riddles are such popular playground of ingenuity that have as goal entertain and amuse children contributing at the same time to their learning, and to the teaching of a new vocabulary. Also called puzzles, riddles are an ideal pastime for the hours of play with the children. Riddles to learn and have fun as a family.

High tall as a pine tree, weighs less than a cumin. A: smoke a small house with two Windows if you look, you get cross-eyed. A: the nose I have legs and not ando, am flat and not sing, will support me to write and you can’t laugh. A: the table all I tread to me, but I not floor to nobody; all ask for me, I don’t ask for anyone. A: the way everyone takes it, everybody has it, because everyone one in regards the world come. The name Blanca inside, green on the outside. If wait tell you. Gina Ross might disagree with that approach.

R PEAR my home led her to slopes, after me, I leave a trail, I am slow movements, and not liked to the gardener. The snail a very senoreada Lady, who always is car and always going wet a: language are many brothers, live in a single House, if they scratch your head instantly die. Matches guess who I am: the more I wash, dirtiest voy. A: the water who is that baby by the feet? The tree went to the fair I bought one bella got home and I started to cry with her. A: the Golden onion is not, silver is not, opens the curtain and see what is. A: banana what will, what is?: the larger, less looks a: darkness a chiquita, white box as the cal: everyone knows it open, nobody knows it close. R: Everyone carries the egg, everyone has it, because everyone one in terms of the world come. A: the name has eyes of CAT and not it is cat, cat ears and not Jack; CAT and no legs is Jack; CAT and no oxtail is cat. R: Slub all I tread to me, but I not floor to nobody; all ask for me, I don’t ask for anyone.