If you are a novice player is very common that you can start banging with two handles two-handed backhand this right-to provide greater comfort in the early days, but hit your with this grip two-handed backhand you limited in your progress since when you want liftar (top spin) ball in the future will be much more difficult. To resolve this limitation in the progress of your reverse shot what I recommend is that you change your less than a continental grip hand grip or what is popularly known as hammer grip, this small change will bring the possibility of liftar (top spin) ball, give it greater power and achieve greater control. Ideally, you should start by learning with the continental grip on the bottom hand and East of right in the upper hand but if you do not feel very safe at the beginning could start with both in this right-knowing in advance the existing constraint and with a view to change it in the future when already you’ve automated the blow and feel more confidence. When this happens, the change made immediately since the sooner you do it better since it will open the possibility of starting to play your upside down with flat strokes, cut (slide) or liftados (top spin) If you want to keep improving your tennis technique click here! Original author and source of the article.