Phoenix Bird

Perhaps a play on words find the title of the article, even if despedazamos it Word for Word copper sense. Does starting a question with the words, what? leads us to the last reason or transcendence, hence it is of vital importance know what the final reason why it is interesting to die in life to learn how to live happily thereafter and enjoy death when the time comes, all of this regardless of the beliefs of everyone. Many dicen are situations of punctual catharsis because of specific circumstances I would go further. We are not only talking about a vital approach but that as arises from this moment life is of crucial importance for future happiness know finish well the days remaining in this world starting with assume the moment. It is a way of working the present moment to which all future moments Sean present moments of serenity, happiness and fulfillment.

Regardless of if we have some hard to accept diagnosis of disease with grey forecast, that change in our fitness and of course attitude will work miracles on how live thereafter. Many of us we anchored to the situations of the life such and how we want, we want and aspire to be and develop according to our vital pattern or road map, one that we have acquired by received education, the environment in which we have lived, by the behaviors and emotions of our close ones, by affinities that we’re nearing us. Instead we are going separating and repelling situations and people that may want to suban to train where we travel even if they differ from our vital pattern, those that can even cause us headaches, upset because they confront with our values and principles, summarizing are conflicting or is that perhaps make us somehow see the part that we do not accept us. On the train in which we travel, there are people who only a couple of stations in our wagon will instead be others will stay with us throughout the journey, many will be very similar to us others fortunately instead are and will always be different and it will bring us new points of view to continue the journey with our backpack full of experiences necessary to tackle stops bound in every season of life. Curiously without realizing, the end of the road will reach, and those who have managed to learn along the way to share everything that is of value, not only the tangible will be prepared for a moment of transit more as it could be the death of the body. Live stops required in different seasons in which we continue the trip renewed makes us live eternally. That certain parts of our I die to make way for the resurgence of others implies that we can live in fullness the rest of life stages. To finish I would like to remind you one of my favorite stories, Eagle, visit my blog in its 15 petal, it would complement the brushwork that I’d stay on your retina, there are moments in life that need to die as the Phoenix Bird then re-emerge from the Ash, much more evolved. I hope and wish that when you reach that time you find sufficient strength, courage and energy that are on it to continue the road with renewed hopes that you can enjoy your life journey.