The map that I drew up for olvidarte not only is inexact, also is dared and fantasioso I watch the mirror and I am giving returned in a multicoloured circuit, the unique viable solution is to stop, as you foretold. The itinerary that I wanted to glide (as always), in my present does not have time, anyway itself wanting mirarte and preguntarte your approval. By this time my hands would not have anhelarte, my calculations do not square with my spontaneous tears by your hug while we slept, my expectations promised haberte pleasantly to me filed amiable and by this time; nevertheless you continue living here although my eyes have not been seeing you for more than 200 days, itself finding you in my routines and in my impulses, my hands to you continue drawing, I fight against my spontaneous rejections that bring the necessity of you. And however, incredulous, I learn to breathe deep to loosen to the reins, the pencil, the calculator and to stop punishing heart because to you it continues trying while my head finds thousand reasons in order to uselessly scribble your memory in my day to day, it creates to be protecting heart that continues sighing by you everything, smile, glance, words, hugs, silencios, hips, everything! I fight myself against the uncontrol trying to restore its opposite one that does not exist, never existed. Tonight to two they called you tears in a solitary silence and I regreted in vain by my lack of humor, of expresividad, details and taken care of towards you Itself learning and along with the rudder shot the compass, the thermometers and all the evaluating tables with which always you fought yourself. You were right I need to grow, for my for you. V.