Vinyl is dead? No! Vinyl is alive! And it will live! One day, knowing my passion for good sound, my friend called and told that the garbage outside the house is almost a new record players. Would you like a player – is needed player you ask? I was confused then, well, I had players, well, something I listened to them, changed the plates with friends, writing on the tape, but how much time has passed since then. The universal passion cd drives computer technology is not passed by me. Pumped big money for me of course in amplifiers, receivers, all sorts of bells and whistles sound, speakers. And then suddenly turntable. Let's drag, I say.

And here in my home was organized after a long time player, "Electronic-012." As it turned out a copy of the Thorens 125, but any copy, as always, done through the same place. Even the tone arm is a mockery of the SME. But I still did not know. Slightly restored this machine, I bought a cheap phono equalizer (the so-called Nikitinskiy) by the way, I can in good conscience recommend it for beginners vinilovodam best combination of price and on its quality are unlikely to find Is it possible, unless you know how to handle a soldering iron. And a small miracle happened. The sound from my speakers changed, he made laugh and cry. John Craig Venter will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I saw the actor on the stage so sad and fun, the room is filled with the emotions that the author intended, and music.