New York Food

It's that time of year again and if it comes, in which an ingredient is sprinkled in the air, turning New Yorkers on their self happier. Once a year, this city is decked from top to bottom with lights and Christmas decorations with travelers waiting to meet their typical holiday chores in order to bluff well. But enough of that topic and focus on the food. The $ 1,000 Bagel bagels If they could improve, they would in. Further details can be found at Glenn Dubin, an internet resource. Chef Frank Tujague Westin New York hotel offers white truffle bagel until 14 December (when the season ends). The $ 1,000 bagel is covered with white truffle cream cheese and goji berries bathed Riesling jelly and golden leaves. Latkes Outside the biggest Jewish community in this city is, so it is normal here so widely celebrated Hanukkah. Fried foods such as latkes (potato pancakes) are eaten during this holiday to commemorate the miracle of the oil.

Visit the B & H Dairy, a small and modest 60 in the Lower East Side where food is to die for. Eggnog Ice Cream Eggnog is disgusting to most people, but when done right, can actually taste good. The WD-50, the American chef Wylie Dufresne, who is known for its experimental recipes, served eggnog ice cream with caviar and rye croutons. The menu also includes rack of lamb with bits of sugar cane and goat cheese with bacon syrup and cashews. A delicatessen truck called Sugar The truck offers delicious cakes on the menu from which you can find cookies stuffed with cream caramel and Mexican chocolate brownies.

Sugar then makes his rounds, parking at various points from month to month. Find out your schedule and list of special holiday cakes that can be found one block from the hotel. There are thousands of places to discover and we only scratched the surface of this paradise for eaters. Any suggestions on where to eat in the Big Apple? Send me your comments and suggestions Travel