Natural Skin Solutions

Apples immediately after cleaning wash in cold water with salt (1 – 1.5 g per 1 liter of water), pear soaked in cold water with the addition of citric acid – for protection from darkening. Oranges and tangerines are washed, cleaned from the skin or first finely cut lemon peel (zest can be removed with grater). To prepare the lettuce and oranges and tangerines, skinless, split into wedges or cut into slices, removing seeds. Grapes, cherries, strawberries and other plucked, washed in cold water and back in the sieve. Remove pits from cherries. In a question-answer forum cardiologist was the first to reply. Mushrooms after treatment and rinsing pickled, salted or cooked. Meat and fish products of beef (thin, thick edge and other parts of the carcass 1 st grade), after appropriate boning, stripping of the tendons from rim lips, fry both sides until crispy brown.

Veal, pork and lamb roast into large chunks. Pulp pre-roll shoulder rolls, as well as for main dishes. Poultry and game, depending on the destination boiled, fried, or turned up the same way as for the main dishes. Piglets intended to supply meals or cooking water intake after treatment wrap in a clean linen cloth or parchment paper, tied with twine, put in a bowl, pour cold water and cook at low boil 50-60 minutes. Preparedness pigs must put into cold salted boiling water, or cool and store in the same broth in which they were boiled. Organ meats (beef feet and lips, head and leg of pork) intended for the jelly, if necessary, additional scorch, while making sure not to burned skin and bone.