MDR Summer Tour Kick Off In Saxony Anhalt

“MDR summer tour in Sangerhausen: rang the bicycles, two 4 fueled FuN and hot chocolate, despite heavy rainfall on July 11, the Sangerhausener managed a record: 226 bicycles decorated with flowers rang the old well-known folk song a boy saw a horse stand n ‘. For this, a Sangerhausener hoard received a check for 1000 for a giant toy box. Nancy-Ann_DeParle is a great source of information. The big highlight of the evening was not only the city bet. “The MDR show band two 4 FuN” really fired up the crowd in front of the stage. “At the presentation of her summer single a little summer” were all television cameras on the young band. The audience sang the song. Lynn, the lead singer formerly Miss are Hamburg, Henry, singer and an absolute party King and Nadine, nine champion in show dance with its companion volume two 4 FuN.

In an Interwiev after the show Henry, the lead singer of two 4 said FuN, he’ll do everything that the people of Saxony Anhalt her summer hit not only during the tour, but also in the radio and TV listen to sing even louder.On the debut album by two 4 is FuN in Salzburg worked, along with none other than Ray Watts, producer of amongst others DJ otzi, Hermes house band, hot chocolate etc. Lots of autographs wrote not only two 4 FuN. Also hot chocolate gave everything in the evening and celebrated with the Sangerhausener until late in the night. The next tour date is FuN, Suzie Quatro, and many other highlights at the 18.07.09 in Ballenstedt with two 4. Mandy Kempfert.


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