Generally, when constructing a website optimized for search engines, people spend you good time, however, something to which most often does not le due attention is the images. Many writers such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. offer more in-depth analysis. We think and act according to labels target, and labels of our headers; but the images on our website constitute something that can allow us to get traffic directed to our web site and which, sometimes, won’t you proper care. And, undoubtedly, it is more pleasant for visitors. We have present, then, that with the optimized images, greater advantages are obtained. It is important to reduce page load time for achieves this is important to bear in mind some points, such as the following: the name of the file which will be better for the name of a picture, 12345.jpg, or ideas-of-afiliados.jpg. Some people still are unaware that when given an appropriate name to an image, name with which people are doing searches, more easily come to your web site.

For search engines like Google, it will be easier to locate your web site, which gives sense to the use of an appropriate name for your image. The size and quality of the image this point is fairly critical. An image must meet two important characteristics, size and quality. In the case of quality, if this is low, it takes one smaller in load time, however, it could have a low ranking in the search results of images in search engines, to the end that our web site is not found. Otherwise, if the image is of a high quality, you might have a high ranking in image search, but the page would take long time to load, causing that visitors do not want to wait so long and leave your page. How to solve the previous problem? With a good balance or balance. To maintain a balance, you can use small images of low quality linked to larger images and top quality.