We have been programmed to go to school, get good grades and get a good job, safe and stable; i.e., seek job security. Today times have changed is should go to school and then find financial freedom. The question is because people are looking for job security, the answer is because so has taught them at home and at school, we have been conditioned. When one searches for financial freedom and business owner, if business improves already is not forced to work harder, so just let the Manager expand the system and hire more people. If the investments go well it reinvests the money and earn more money. Therefore, you have more free time due to its success.

On the other hand when one works intensely as employee gets promotions but gets more responsibilities and has less time to enjoy life. It therefore has less time even if you have more money. Owning company or investor success is due to the financial intelligence, which is not how much win but how much money canning, how intense works for you and how many generations, preserve it. The skills that are required is to be a good steward of the money and the people; i.e. generate money, handled with the fewest possible people, keep costs low and profits high.

When you don’t have financial education you can not see the trap of money in which you fall, as success grows as an employee, i.e. they increase your taxes and interest on debts. The quest for financial freedom should not be as an employee or owner of business for himself but as owner of company with system or investor. Many people walk in life jumping from a job to another looking for safety or freedom but don’t get it and is is not always young. What is required is to change attitude and a new educational process to not work for the rest of their lives.