Management Of Business Opportunities

Taking into account that the process of consultative sales or goods and services of high involvement have a long sale cycle, which involved several people and that it usually involves several stages to arrive at a decision point, is necessary to have tools that allow influence the way each business evolves and properly documenting all the important facts of that evolution. It is here where a discipline for consultative sales called business opportunities management is particularly important. Its name in English is Opportunity Management, I conclude that it is widely used-wide methodologies of consultative sales and CRM systems (Customer Relationship management). Opportunities management consists of the consistent application of the methodology of consultative selling selected by the company or sales professional and its control and record in a proper computer tool.’>World travel will not settle for partial explanations. As I have mentioned in previous articles, there are many methodologies of consultative selling, but in general a correct process must include at least the exploration, evaluation, decision and hiring processes. Opportunities management is in the process of carrying every business from one phase to the next, keeping in mind that they are profitable and viable opportunities for the organization. Due to the creative, impulsive and emotional character that many sales professionals have, we are not very disciplined in the implementation of a method such as the exposed above. It is precisely this lack of order that generates many times that random play an important role in the commercial results.

The management of opportunities should become an implicit in the day of a consultative seller workflow process. All business management must be controlled through a computer tool that allows us to have a complete overview of all the businesses that I’m driving and support me in the monitoring and development of each business opportunity. This means that it is much more productive when I use a computer to program me help control the evolution of every opportunity and at the same time I help to identify which are the elements of the methodology of sales that I must go to apply.