MacIE Acrylic

Almost indestructible – ideal for small children! “” As children the food with their own utensils “much more fun and also so many Suppenkaspar” is another mind, there is now a number of manufacturers produce the children Dinnerware. We have decided in our shop for a manufacturer from France. Petit jour produces beautiful and above all colourful baby dishes and children dishes made of high quality acrylic or melamine. Both substances are virtually indestructible and ideal for small hands of children that are sometimes still a bit clumsy. Also, it is very convenient that tableware made of melamine, and acrylic can easily every day in the dishwasher.

The range from baby cups with suction bottom of Trinklerntassen plates and placemats. The children love the colourful images by Elmar the checkered elephant, the Barbapapas or MacIE mouse. You can lure rather very many children with funny kids dishes at the table than with the boring white everyday China. Many children also love the table to cover – a sign that they are already big for them! With melamine or acrylic dishes every mother can pass left the responsibility to her child without fear, that the child at once is in tatters if really something dropped… Michio Kaku may not feel the same. Claudia Ntontis


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