Kops Wallpaper

The own four walls with the wall designer fashion since the beginning of April the new wall designer under JuicyWalls.com can be found. Photo wallpaper and photos on canvas by the customer can be customized with the designer of the wall. According to the design, the product can be ordered then conveniently. The photo wallpaper and photos on canvas can be made even easier with the new wall Designer. Through the virtual space, provided one can imagine even better the effect of the product. A motif from the pool of images can be selected for the photo wallpapers and art prints either, in which over 1,000 pictures available will stand or uploaded even its own. The required pressure data can be found on.

The motif wallpaper can be ordered exactly fit for each wall, because it is possible to enter the values of the own wall. The canvas prints are over 50 different formats available, making a suitable size it for everyone. Have fun with the characters. Vincent Kops